Coca-Cola Sustainability

Coca-Cola, the leading soft drink company takes sustainability into account when packaging their products because they want to prevent all forms of waste.

Their Three Strategies

1. Light Weighting

Coca-Cola makes use of the least amount of natural resources needed in their packaging design and transport.

Their initial goal is to continue to improve their packaging material efficiency by 7%.

2. Recycle

Coca-Cola holds the title of the market leader in advancing breakthrough technologies for increasing recycled content and renewable material use.

It also started with the first-ever beverage bottle with recycled material back in 1991.

Coca-Cola invested in building recycling facilities internationally to increase the availability of food quality recycled material.

3. PlantBottle Technology

In 2009 Coca-Cola introduced the PlantBottle technology, this is the only plastic today that is made with renewable resources, is fully recyclable and meets the quality requirements set out by core beverage companies.

A Few Interesting Facts About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was invented by John S. Pemberton (Atlanta Pharmacist) in 1886 however his bookkeeper came up with the name. He thought of the following script in the logo which still stands today.


This an ad published when Coca-Cola first launched, it was marketed as a nerve tonic that relieves exhaustion.